Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bluegrass Brewing Co. Focuses On Neglected Market

Recent news about Miller High Life and Busch beers found on Brandweek, states that Miller Brewing Co. and Anheuser-Busch intend to target the 65 million outdoor sportsmen and women in the U.S. with new camouflage cans and related promotions. Nick Lake vice president of client services at Nielsen Beverage Alcohol Group lauded the new campaign of linking the two brands to hunting and other outdoor activities. "The brands index high with blue collar consumers 45-65 years old. Their drinkers also skew higher, compared with the general population, for such activities as target shooting, hunting, fishing, watching the Outdoor Channel or Country Music TV, and subscribing to publications like Field and Steam" says Lake.

The Sober Brewer Marketing Team also heralds this innovative new packaging tie in. Not only because we love the natural synergy of alcohol and weaponry, but the inevitable increase in sales volume from people losing their beer after setting it down.

Not to be outdone Bluegrass Brewing Co. has started focus grouping new packaging, designed to target a specific market which we believe has been ignored for too long. That is why we are unveiling BBC's new Argyle bottle. We hope to appeal to college professors, librarians and fans of Kansas University. We feel that this market skews higher than the general public for such activities as artisanal cheese tasting, role playing strategy games, online beer rating, anti-capitalism protests, studying Hopi Indian culture, wearing those round wire framed colored spectacles, watching public television and subscribing to The Economist.

To all those beatniks, we want to say, "you are not forgotton." We have a beer for you!

never trust The Sober Brewer
Jerry Gnagy

One more for you chickenhawker!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jerry from Jayhawk Nation! We could not be more proud than to be posted on such a highly esteemed blog. We would be glad to try your new Argyle bottle from BBC, just so we can help raise the overall IQ points for the KSU alums. We at KU are proud that you have done such intense studying of market trends to include us in your research.You must have concluded that the KSU alums/students/faculty are camo/bib-overall wearing, squirrel and racoon hunting aficionados that they did not fit your demographics. They at Aggieville must drink more horse piss swill than the entire states of Indiana and Kentucky combined! I digress,,,
Yes, we at KU do occasionally watch public t.v., wear wire framed lenses, subscribe to the Economist, enjoy our fair share of cheese tasting while playing role playing games and rating great beer online, are deeply involved with debated anti-capitalist protests and study Native American cultures. But we are KU and not KSU...Watching CMT, wearing donated glasses from the Lions club, subscribing to Hog Monthly, enjoying our cheese farts while playing lawn darts, rating the size of our "johnson" versus Farmer Snyders goat, debating beastality laws and studying artifical insemination practices amongst our kin folk and the sheep. BAAAAAAAAA.....
By the way, nothing against MuttonChops but he looks more like a KSU prof than a KU prof. Lastly, don't you owe me a beer since you used my beermug without permission? Deep down I really think you are turning into a wantabee Jayhawk. Oh, by the way, it's not Beatniks, it's Beakniks, Go Jayhawk Nation! Beak 'Em Hawks!!

Jerry Gnagy said...

Wow, what a awesome comment, It's a shame Darrel Arthur isn't able to read it. Not so much because he's illiterate, but because he's too busy out with Sherron (girls name) Collins rubbing his junk on people. Oh Low-rents was it really worth it?

Anonymous said...

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