Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back From the Craft Brewer's Conference 2008

We're back from San Diego and the Craft Brewer's Conference. I thought I would share with you some of the pictures we took.

Here we see the excitement and anticipation for the conference. I kind of feel bad, because this guy had to pay for the whole seat, but he only used the edge.

A welcome reception was held at Stone Brewing Co. which was pretty fun. We got to see how good breweries run and then lament how crappy our breweries are, so we drink a bunch of free beer to forget. Here are some of the pictures:

We probably won't be invited back next year.

Another great part of the conference is the Brewing Expo. This is where you get to see the latest advances in technology and equipment for the brewery. Some breweries come back from the conference with shiny new equipment in tow, like this cable-vey grain moving system, or this kick ass stainless bottling line.

We also came back with a new piece of equipment. Something we have needed for a while, so we finally pulled the trigger now that we could afford it.

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Jerry Gnagy