Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Sober Brewer's Tribute To That One Guy From Estonia That Visited Our Blog.

As a tribute to our blog's recent visitor from Estonia, and also spurred on by a few pints of our Baltic Porter, we present this video. We apologize in advance for anything perceived offensive to Estonians. Please stop on by the BBC for a traditional taste of Estonia, our Baltic Porter. If you are lucky enough the Sober Brewers just might be singing again to contribute to that authentic mood.

Kick in the Baltic Porter
Baltic Porter is a real beer for real Nordic men and women. Baltic Porters were originally brewed strong in order to withstand the long travels from the UK to the Baltic Region. the Style was well suited to the cold winters in that part of the world. Baltic Porters (sometimes called Imperial Stouts or Double Brown Stouts) are jet black with a dense tan-colored head and have coffee, chocolate and toffee-like flavors and aromas, with some smoky and sulphuric notes. Warming alcohol strength and a full body, balance out a distinct bitterness originating from the German Hallertau Hops, and UK Black Patent malt
ABV 8.5%
IBU 42.8

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