Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ghosts in the Brewery

It has recently been brought to my attention that we may not be alone in the brewery. Strange forces are causing apparitions that I want you to see, so that if something happens to me (disappearance, stigmata, hangnail) those of you that are left can call in an exorcist.

It started with Cameron noticing a strange face in some crud on our hand wash sink.

If you look carefully you will see the face of Albert Einstein. Does this mean anything? Is the spirit of Einstein watching us wash our hands? Or does it mean we should clean the sink area better. I don't know.

Next I noticed a face staring back at me when I was having a cup of coffee. Check it out.

If that is not a face smiling and winking at me then I must be going crazy.

And finally, the most striking paranormal experience happened when a bag of grain mysteriously fell over, dumping its contents. If you look closely you might be able to make out some letters spelling something.

This is really creepy.

never trust The Sober Brewer
Jerry Gnagy


Jayhawker said...

If you look close enough I have figured out whom those ghosts are; The ghosts in the brewery are those of the KState Football team whom have exited this world of realism and have entered the afterlife. Their season is done and the only hope that remains is that of a bowl game against Juarez Jerichos played in Mexico City.

By the way have you finally respected the 11-0 Jayhawks? Cannot wait to visit the brewery soon to hear your reasons why KSU sucks sooooo bad this year. Guess you always have BBall to fall back on.

Enough football talk; for a Wildcat your beer rules the BCS standings! Keep up the good work.

Until next week when KU beats MU, I am out!!!

Jerry Gnagy said...

OK listen Jayhawker, this is a brewery blog, not a sports blog. If you need my validation, please just email me from now on.

Jerry Gnagy

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